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Le Phare de l'Île Verte, par Jean-Bernad Ouellet

Jean-Bernard Ouellet, Painter

Île Verte attracts and inspires many artists. One of them, Jean-Bernard Ouellet, has lived in and been inhabited by the island landscape for over forty years. Let him tell you about his passion: capturing and painting the island’s colours...

“I’ve lived on Île Verte for almost thirty years. I’ve tried to explore the island in a thousand ways: walking, biking, snowshoeing, boating, skiing, dog sledding... Its beauty and mystery, its savagery and tranquillity fascinate me, winter, spring, summer and fall. It is easy to cultivate my tendency to daydream here. My painting is representational and is part of this process of exploring the island: the St. Lawrence, the constantly changing light, the restful and imposing rock formations, the bare spruce, the small houses... there is always something to please the eye no matter the season. Through my paintings, I try to capture the essence of the diverse aspects of the island – whether the western or the eastern tip, the south shore or the north.

“If we rediscover the child within as we age, I have to say that, here on the island, I have rediscovered the landscapes of my childhood in Témiscouata in many ways, with the added bonus of the beautiful St. Lawrence that changes with the tides.

“Deciding to live on Île Verte was a terrific decision.”

Contact :

1801 Chemin de l’île, Notre-Dame-des-Sept-Douleurs, QC G0L 1K0
Tel. 418-898-2257 |

Gallery : Flexible hours (we live by the tides...)

Le Feux de la Saint-Jean

Saint-Jean Bonfire

Each year, the festivities for Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day – Quebec’s national holiday – wrap up with a huge bonfire on the beach, with the Île Verte lighthouse as backdrop. What a magical spectacle!

Sentier de la Bouette

Sentier de la Bouette (The Mud Trail)

The Sentier de la Bouette (or “Mud Trail," in English) is a unique crossing on foot from the mainland to Île Verte at low tide, takes place once a year during the summer. For a few hours, the tide is low enough to let visitors walk across to the island. The crossing begins while the tide is still going out and ends before it starts coming in. Participants return to the mainland by boat during high tide. What an unforgettable experience!

Île-Verte sur glace

Île Verte on Ice

Île Verte sur glace (or “Île Verte on Ice” in English) is an original way to celebrate the ice bridge that forms each winter between the mainland and the island. The festivities include crossing the ice bridge from the mainland to Île Verte by torchlight, either on foot, on snowshoes or on cross-country skis. A cheerful little rest stop is set up midway along the trail and the activity wraps up with a tasty bite to eat and delightful desserts prepared by contestants in the dessert-making competition, held in tandem with the chilly crossing. The evening ends with the declaration of the winning dessert. 

To find out more, see our blog post about "Île Verte sur glace" (in french).

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